Saturday, October 24, 2009

One sick family

This has been just a wonderful week.  I mean that with all the sarcasm I have.

I'm pretty sure I have the flu.  Rich caught it too.  And Alex has an ear infection.  This family is a mess!

On top of it all, I have had such a busy work-week and could only stay home a couple days. I really should have been in bed all week, but what can you do when you already have appointments, lunches, breakfasts and work meetings to attend?

Rich has been swamped at work, leaving before Alex is awake and coming back home after she is asleep.  So not only do I feel like a single mom (kind of, although I'm not even pretending I know what that is like), I feel like a SICK single mom.  And poor Alex has been off her game with a fever, fussiness, and refusing to drink her bottles!  Her antibiotics seem to be kicking in, so I am hoping she is turning the corner any minute now.

WAAAHH! Enough complaining already, right?  I am sure things are going to get much better very soon.  It can only go up from here!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Photography Sunday

This morning I spent some time with the camera and Alex.  I think the camera loves her.  Is it just this mommy's biased opinion?

Giggling Baby Alex

Giggling Baby Alex, originally uploaded by jenski33.

Today Alex started giggling for the first time! We've heard a couple little chuckles here and there in the past, but today she just started really laughing and cracking up for a few minutes! I think it might be the sweetest sound I have ever heard in my life. It started on the car ride to Grandma & Grandpa's after she had been fussing in her carseat for a few minutes. I started playing with her ball to distract her. All of a sudden, it's like I opened the floodgates, and out came her belly laughs!

Monday, October 12, 2009

30th Birthday

I turned 30 earlier this month! I can't believe I'm in my 30s now--sometimes I still feel like I did when I was 18.  I had a wonderful day of celebrating.  I went to breakfast with my mom and Alex at my favorite local restaurant and then we went shopping for the day.

Later that night, Rich and I met up with a few friends for dinner at Four Peaks.  It is a very casual brewery restaurant that I used to love going to while I was in college, and it was great to go back.

Rich brought the cake to the restaurant secretly--my favorite Red Velvet Cake.  What a great surprise!

I got some very special presents from everyone.  Rich had bought me a necklace on our honeymoon that was one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, and Sadie (our wonderful Labrador) found it a few months ago and chewed it up into pieces.  I was so sad about it, but Rich did some research and found a replacement, which he gave me for my birthday!  Yay hubby! My parents gave me a beautiful locket and Rich's parents gave me a mother and child pendant necklace.  It was the year of jewelry--am I seriously spoiled or what?!!!

Rich's parents babysat Alex for us while we went to dinner.  Look how cute she is with her Grandpa!  

What a great way to turn 30!

Alex's new sound!

Alex's new sound!, originally uploaded by jenski33.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life in a hurry

WHEW! What a busy week it has been.  Rich has been working in his new position (a promotion) for a while now, so he is busier than ever.  And I worked 3 days this week, which under normal circumstances should be a breeze, but WOW, I am definitely out of practice when it comes to working out of the home.  I'm exhausted!  I am trying to balance it all--working, mommying, wifing--and it's not easy.  But it's going fine,  and as soon as I really get the hang of it, I'm sure life will throw in something else fun too.

It was Alex's first week at daycare, and she did great! She loves seeing the other babies and gives them huge smiles when they crawl up to her.  She doesn't have any separation anxiety yet (thankfully) and simply smiles when I kiss her goodbye.  The girls who work there really like her and say she is such a happy baby--all things that I love to hear!

So I guess this is life in a hurry.  On tonight's list of things to do: work emails, pharmacy pick-up, cook dinner, baby bath-time, baby bed-time, laundry (and maybe a little Grey's Anatomy thrown in if there is time)!  I am so glad that I am off for the next 4 days--I can't wait to snuggle with Alex and catch up on some baby-loving. :)