Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Patience pays off

I woke up this morning to some unusual Phoenix weather: rain! It has been gloomy, gray and chilly all day, and when lunchtime rolled around, I was craving some soup (to go with the weather), so I decided to stop at Paradise Bakery. The line was out the door, but I was a pregnant woman on a mission for some soup! So I persevered. After 15 minutes of standing in line, I finally reached the soup counter and asked the woman for a bowl of chicken noodle. She sharply said, "We're out of that. They are making some more in the back. Move to the side and I'll get you a bowl when it's ready." Maybe it's just my hormones, but I'm pretty sure there was some serious attitude in her delivery. Oh well, I was determined to get my soup, so I stepped aside and waited. And waited. About 15 minutes later, the manager asked me if I was being helped and I told him that I was waiting for the chicken noodle soup to be ready. He seemed satisfied with that and continued helping customers. That was when I noticed other customers walking by with...(you know what's coming) CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP! What? Oh, I don't think so! I politely waited for him to finish with his customer and stepped in and asked him if I might get that bowl of soup now. He apologized profusely, gave me the soup, and then threw in four big slices of yummy bread and 6 cookies! Yep! Patience definitely pays.
So in all, it was a 45 minute bowl of soup, but boy was it good! And the cookie definitely made the experience worthwhile.

And on another note, I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and got to hear the heartbeat! She said that the baby is a squirmer. She kept moving away from the microphone. The doctor was predicting it to be a girl based on her feistiness! We won't get to find out for sure until January, but it is fun making predictions until then. The heartbeat was 160 beats per minute and sounded like rhythmic swooshing. It was very cool! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Basketball Fun

Rich has been helping out his friend MIke with coaching a 7th & 8th grade basketball team lately. Mike is a 7th grade teacher and is new to the coaching scene, and Rich, being an overall sports lover, was eager to get involved. He has taken it so seriously! It is pretty cute, but sometimes I fear the future sports-nut-parent that I see in him. He is drawing out offensive plays and coming up with serious practice routines. He is frustrated with their lack of time (only 4 hours of practice a week!) and just doesn't think they can get it together in time. Last night was their first game, so I came to watch and cheer them on. My first impression was how LITTLE they were! It suddenly hit me that these little boys were the center of all of this serious basketball strategy that has been discussed in my home lately. How funny! Well, they won their first game by a landslide (45 to 19) and Coach S. was very happy last night. Of course, on the way home, he somberly commented that they would have some much tougher teams to play and he hoped that they didn't think this game was a sign of how easy all the teams would be! ha! I hope he isn't going to be one of those over-the-top Dads at our kids' games one day!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's a jungle out there.

One day this week I woke up to quite the commotion coming from the living room. In my sleepy stumble, I walked into a room covered in leaves. Literally.

And Sadie was there to greet me with a present!

How sweet.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I can't decide which pregnancy symptom I like the most:

Is it the sudden introduction of acne to my complexion that I've never experienced, even as a teenager?

Or maybe the 24 hour nausea?

Or the complete loss of interest in foods that I have always loved, even when I am starving?

Hmm... sounds like fun huh? I am complaining only half-heartedly though, because I know it will all be worth it in the end, and that it's all part of the ride. It was so awesome seeing that little baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound screen, so nothing can bring me down! ;)