Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LOGIN Correct

I just wanted to see if I still remembered my User Name and Password for this account! Ha! Yep.

Things are wonderful and busy.  LIFE. IS. GOOD.

Here are the girls' Valentine's Day Cards.  Every holiday (even the silly commercial Hallmark Holidays) is so much better through the eyes of children.  Alex was really excited for school.  She decorated her own Valentine's Mailbox and all of the kids exchanged cards.  I like that the school asked parents not to bring candy.  It forced us to get a little more creative.  She received temporary tattoos, stickers, erasers and bubbles.  We brought little swirly heart straws.

Kathryn is almost 10 months old.  She is *almost* crawling.  She scoots on her bottom and bends to reach things.  She loves standing (while holding onto something).  She says "DaDa" and "MaMa."  She has two teeth on the bottom.  And she is really coming into her own personality lately.  We enjoy her so much.  She and Alex have started playing together lately, and it gives us a preview of the future when (hopefully?) they become best buddies.  

Other than that, work is great, family & friends are great, and I'm trying to balance it all.  I'm hoping to keep up with the blog again, because I really do cherish the ability to look back on it and see what our family was doing.  Life is speeding by at a crazy pace.  I love it. :)