Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Basketball Fun

Rich has been helping out his friend MIke with coaching a 7th & 8th grade basketball team lately. Mike is a 7th grade teacher and is new to the coaching scene, and Rich, being an overall sports lover, was eager to get involved. He has taken it so seriously! It is pretty cute, but sometimes I fear the future sports-nut-parent that I see in him. He is drawing out offensive plays and coming up with serious practice routines. He is frustrated with their lack of time (only 4 hours of practice a week!) and just doesn't think they can get it together in time. Last night was their first game, so I came to watch and cheer them on. My first impression was how LITTLE they were! It suddenly hit me that these little boys were the center of all of this serious basketball strategy that has been discussed in my home lately. How funny! Well, they won their first game by a landslide (45 to 19) and Coach S. was very happy last night. Of course, on the way home, he somberly commented that they would have some much tougher teams to play and he hoped that they didn't think this game was a sign of how easy all the teams would be! ha! I hope he isn't going to be one of those over-the-top Dads at our kids' games one day!

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Rich said...

...and they did get smoked in their second game. They will have the drive to get better if you tell them they are great when they are not. You play to win the game! It doesn't matter if you are 8 or 80. I love you baby! Don't worry, I'll make sure our kid is good at everything!