Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life in a hurry

WHEW! What a busy week it has been.  Rich has been working in his new position (a promotion) for a while now, so he is busier than ever.  And I worked 3 days this week, which under normal circumstances should be a breeze, but WOW, I am definitely out of practice when it comes to working out of the home.  I'm exhausted!  I am trying to balance it all--working, mommying, wifing--and it's not easy.  But it's going fine,  and as soon as I really get the hang of it, I'm sure life will throw in something else fun too.

It was Alex's first week at daycare, and she did great! She loves seeing the other babies and gives them huge smiles when they crawl up to her.  She doesn't have any separation anxiety yet (thankfully) and simply smiles when I kiss her goodbye.  The girls who work there really like her and say she is such a happy baby--all things that I love to hear!

So I guess this is life in a hurry.  On tonight's list of things to do: work emails, pharmacy pick-up, cook dinner, baby bath-time, baby bed-time, laundry (and maybe a little Grey's Anatomy thrown in if there is time)!  I am so glad that I am off for the next 4 days--I can't wait to snuggle with Alex and catch up on some baby-loving. :)


Happynews said...

4 Days off....... yep and what about the big day on Saturday??? didn't see any comments about that yet! That's a milestone worth celebrating for sure!

Lea said...

You are a busy lady! I often wonder how you working moms do it! Enjoy your long weekend - I hope you get some relaxing time in!