Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pregnancy cravings

My dinner tonight consisted of the strangest concoction--so strange that I needed to share...

First, I grabbed a handful of tortilla chips (baked of course, because I'm healthy like that. haha)

Then I put them in a cereal bowl and crunched them up into bite-sized pieces using my spoon.

Then I poured some salsa on top, gave it a stir, and ate it like I do my cereal. It was delicious!

Chips-and-salsa cereal. YUMM!

How weird am I??? Don't answer that.

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heather said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for your comment on my blog. CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy - so exciting! I loved being pregnant and enjoyed [most] every minute. :)

I'm also excited to hear that you are interested in natural childbirth. Even though my birth didn't end up the way I had hoped and planned, I wouldn't have chosen any other way.

A few things that worked for me:

1. Hypnobirthing class. I LOVED this class - so positive and great techniques to use during pregnancy and labor. I chose not to do Bradley because there is a lot about nutrition in those classes, and I am a health counselor...but if you feel you need some help in that area, I know a lot of people who benefited from Bradley (course, you could always just buy the book!).

2. Read Ina May Gaskin's book on childbirth - so great!

3. Hire a doula. I seriously could not have lasted the 22 hours of hard, drugless labor without the support and coaching of my doula! My hubby is great, but she's a professional. :)

4. I LOVED my tub during labor. L-O-V-E-D it. Oh, and also an exercise ball.

5. I took a prenatal yoga class. This was also great in preparing my body - but it also made me so much more comfortable to move myself into different positions during labor. It helped me stay fluid during pregnancy and labor.

6. Find other women in your area who have gone the natural route - you'll need some cheerleaders to drown out the people who will inevitably tell you you're crazy. And of course you are crazy, but a good crazy!

You can do it!!