Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meeting Woes

I have been in sales meetings this week--part of our regular annual meetings, but leaving this time was bittersweet. We are having massive layoffs at work that are coming in the next couple weeks--and we knew when we were leaving that it would be the last time we would be together as a team. There wasn't a dry eye in the room as we said our goodbyes.

I'm stressed about my situation--being 5 months pregnant and without a job does not seem appealing to me to say the least--but I'm also sad that the people who I've enjoyed working with for the last 5 years are in jeopardy. It's nothing new in the corporate world lately, but it's unsettling still.

So now I am on a 2 week countdown... I will know my status on January 30th. Here's to hoping for continued employment!

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Lea said...

How scary! I will send good thoughts your way.