Monday, July 25, 2011


The picture on the left is Alex at 3 months old, and the one on the right is Kathryn at 3 months old.  It's safe to say that they are related, wouldn't you agree?!  I can see some differences of course, but it is kind of amazing how similar they look! Kathryn is a bit cheekier (ha!) and I think her nose is a little different, but if you aren't comparing their photos next to each other, I bet you would have a tough time picking out which one is which!  I'm pretty sure they will start to look quite different as they grow, but it's kind of fun seeing how similar they are right now! :)


Sarah said...

Love this comparison! so cute!

Happynews said...

A little cheeky... ha ha ha ha ...That was good! :)))

Lea said...

You are blessed with two precious girls. I am partial to the "cheeky" ones since those are the kind of babies I make haha! :)