Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kathryn's Nursery!

Well we have finally finished the new nursery! Only 11 days away from Kathryn's arrival and I just put the finishing touches on it.  It's a little different than with Alex's nursery, which we finished about 4 months before she was born! Things are much more difficult to get finished when you are trying to watch after a busy and mischievous toddler at the same time! 

I chose a Tiffany Blue and White color scheme, although it is difficult to see the color of it in these photos due to the lighting.  

I couldn't find a side table (that was affordable) that I liked in a white or pink color, so I bought a black one from Target and Rich painted it.

I made a little craft project by adapting something I found on the web.  I had planned to make the little hanging balls like the ones on her blog as well, but after I started to make the heart and saw how time-consuming it was, I sort of fizzled out.  Maybe I will do it later. :)

Wall butterflies are from Target, we just spray-painted one of them pink to go with the theme.

Now we are just ready for the baby!


Lea said...

You did a fabulous job! :)

Sarah Crank said...

This room is gorgeous! Kathryn os going to LOVE it!

Tara @ Baby Lifestyles said...

This nursery is amazing! And the color combination is gorgeous! I would LOVE to feature this at Baby Lifestyles, contact me at editor at babylifestyles dot com.