Thursday, April 14, 2011

Here we go again!

We are one week away from the big day and getting super excited!  My blood pressure has gotten high this last week, and I have the very beginning signs of pre-eclampsia (sounds familiar, as this happened at the same point in my last pregnancy).  I had protein in my urine, a low platelet count, and elevated blood pressure this week.  Top that off with my very puffy fingers and feet, and my doctor was getting a tad worried.  As things stand right now,  I do not have pre-eclampsia, but apparently this condition can go from borderline to very bad in a short amount of time, so my doctor is being cautious.

I have another follow-up appointment on Monday, and the C-Section is scheduled for Thursday.  So unless  we get some very bad signs on Monday, everything still looks on track for April 21st.  The only thing I am still worried about is my low platelet count could lead to some problems with clotting after the surgery.  Also, if my count goes any lower, they will not be able to do a spinal epidural, and would have to put me under general anesthesia during the C-Section.  That is so not what I want, as I really would like to be awake and aware of my baby's birth!!! So let's hope and pray for things to stabilize over the next week!  Until then, I am on bedrest and trying to take it easy.  So it will be a week of iPhone games, TV and books for me.  Sounds fun!

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Lea said...

I hope everything is okay at your appointment tomorrow! I can't believe your little baby is going to be here sooo soon! I can't wait to see pictures of Baby Kathryn! :)