Monday, November 22, 2010

Halloween 2010

This was a fun year for us to celebrate Halloween.  I wouldn't say that Alex necessarily knew what it was about, but she had fun nonetheless.  And she dressed up as 3, yes 3, different things.  Why? Well that is a good question.  Her Grandma got her a Wizard of Oz Dorothy costume, which she wore for her school party, and I got her a cow costume for her to wear during Halloween night because I thought she might need something warm.  We also had a neighborhood block party during the day, and when I tried to put her in the Dorothy costume, she pitched a fit for some unknown reason.  Then I tried the cow costume, which she proceeded to sweat in after 2 seconds.  So then came costume #3: a princess tutu from her closet, complete with silver sequined sneakers.  Because isn't that what all the princesses wear?

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Katie Tan said...

OMG! It does not get cuter than this!! I think the cow is my favorite! I love them all!! :)