Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Books books books!

We got Alex a bookshelf for her room to contain the many dozens of books that were coming out of our ears.  Above every other entertainment item in the house, books are definitely her favorite.  So now, she will sometimes wander down the hallway into her room, and of course, I am trailing slowly behind to discover what mischief she is suddenly starting.  And I find her at her bookshelf, pulling off the books and "reading" them, flinging each one to the side when she has finished with it, to be replaced by another 10 or 20 that eventually land on the bedroom floor.  

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Happynews said...

Nothing like a good book to escape the reality of life when things get rocky for a 17 months old Princess!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! (Smarty assy Gamma) - Xoxox's