Sunday, May 23, 2010

So I guess the fun has to come to an end...

We have had a great weekend, packed FULL....a fancy dinner out for Rich and I with another couple, a rare Saturday that Rich took off of work (Yay!) that allowed us to make some major progress on various home projects (babyproofing, cleaning and unpacking, OH MY!), a girls' night out for me, followed by another day off together with some fabulous weather to boot.  I wish this weekend didn't have to end!

We are finally feeling a little more settled in this new home, but we still haven't finished it all.  It seems like the last of the unpacking is always the hardest.  Just where do you put that painting that had its own special wall in the old house but doesn't seem to fit anywhere in the new one? And the same goes for all of the other miscellaneous decor items!  But even though I haven't finished decorating and haven't found a spot for all of our "stuff," it is finally starting to feel like home.  Both of us feel so happy about this move, and it is just perfect when you feel like you are where you're supposed to be.

Here are some photos I took today in our backyard!  I have a notorious black thumb, so I needed to capture these flowers on film since it may be the last we see of them! Someone please say a little prayer for their poor flower souls, hoping they don't meet their maker too soon! :)

And Alex, my little Ham for the camera:

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Happynews said...

I don't know how I missed the "little ham" caption when I first looked at this post! LOL - Glad I revisit this often, I always find something else to like (missed the first time around!)