Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day!

Well.....What should I say about my first Mother's Day? 

Hmmm...Maybe I shouldn't mention that my sweet baby had the WORST night of her life, crying and screaming bloody murder most of the night, even when we brought her into our bed, which is usually the instant solution to fussy-baby-syndrome! 

Or I shouldn't mention that our fun outing to the zoo ended up being cut short because sunblock got into Alex's eye and she had an allergic reaction, swelling up and pretty much being miserable the whole time. 

But I did get a day with my sweet husband and daughter! And Rich and I had some great morning time together because Alex slept in late (see the above section regarding lack of sleep during the night).   We sat on our new patio in the wonderful morning weather, looking out at the pool, drinking coffee and eating some yummy coffee cake.  And we did get to visit with some of our good friends at the zoo, even if Alex wasn't at her best.

I took Alex to the doctor on Monday, and she has a double ear infection, a sinus infection AND she is teething!  And this is what being a mom is about, whether it is Mother's Day or Tuesday, it's about the wonderful times and the hard times, and the sad times and the joyful ones too. And I wouldn't trade it for the world. 


Happynews said...

Being a Mommy on Mother's Day or Tuesdays or any days will always be some of the very best and most cherished memories you will have!

I am glad you had a great First Mommy's Day with Rich and Alex!

Love always, Mommy XOXO's

Lea said...

Oh man what a rough time! But you're such a fabulous mommy, and Alex is so very lucky. :)