Saturday, March 27, 2010

March in Review

This blog is intended for our family (and others, if they are interested) to keep a record of things going on in our lives so that we can look on it one day and perhaps refresh our memories.  So it is ironic that when we have the most things going on, I don't get time to blog, and it might seem that nothing is happening since nothing is being recorded.  But we have had quite the busy March, so for posterity sake, here are some highlights:
-We got the keys to our new home and have been getting some major projects done before we move in, like painting the whole house, drywall repairs, kitchen island renovations....and the list goes on.  We can't wait to move in now that we have truly made it our own.  I have yet to start the nursery painting, but my goal is to paint it exactly like Alex's current nursery. Yikes, that was a lot of work! 
-Alex had her ear tubes surgery and recovered really well! The entire surgery lasted no longer than 10 minutes and she was such a tough little baby! She hasn't had an ear infection since the surgery, which I think might be the longest she's ever gone without one.
-After Alex was healthy, I got sick.  Wouldn't you know it?!  After a week of a really bad cold, I got laryngitis the next week and couldn't speak at all.  For SIX DAYS! (And no funny comments from the peanut gallery about how lovely that must have been for Rich! :) )  So I went on "voice rest" (no whispering allowed either) which is surprisingly really difficult to do! Today I have a voice, finally, but now Rich is getting sick!  Rich's birthday was yesterday, and he spent it in bed, dosed up on Nyquil and Mucinex.  Poor thing. :(
-Alex turned 9 months old! And she started crawling! I will write another post on that one.
-My computer hard drive crashed, but luckily was still under warranty (Ahh, I love Apple.) 
-Rich and I re-committed to a very healthy diet and have lost quite a bit of weight between the two of us! It is so nice to fit into some much smaller clothes that were hiding in the back of my closet for the last year or so!  My goal is to be 10 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight so that the next time I get pregnant I will have some leeway and maybe won't grow to the size of China in my 9th month.  Unrealistic? Perhaps.
That's about all! More to come later.

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Lea said...

You certainly have had a lot going on! Hooray for Alex crawling! And I hope you all can be healthy soon and for a long time!