Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alex Crawling

Alex Crawling, originally uploaded by jenski33.
Well we knew that it was only a matter of time. Alex was almost there, teetering on her knees and hands, almost making the leap for the past few weeks. But this past week, she decided enough was enough, it was time to explore the world.

With a little encouragement from Dad, she was on the move! And ever since then (only 5 days ago) she has perfected her technique, getting faster and crawling to much further areas. She has roamed the living room, kitchen, dining room....and I can see her eyeing the backyard through the window!


Lea said...

Go Alex! I love her expression right when you start filming - she looks so annoyed by the whole thing. Haha!

Sarah LeSueur said...

That was so cute! Watch out...she'll be into everything now:) Your pregnant post got me! Too bad it's not true:)