Thursday, January 21, 2010


Without further ado......Alex's 7 month photo session!

This session was exhausting for me! (And I wasn't even in any of the pictures! ha!) She was in a particularly serious mood, not a smile in sight. So I proceeded to jump around like a fool making funny noises and trying to get her to crack a smile.  It worked some of the time, but mostly she was stone-faced.

She looked me straight in the eyes a couple times, and I swear I could read her thoughts: "Mom, you're not funny.  You're embarrassing yourself."


Lea said...

As a mom to a boy who very often refuses to smile during photo sessions since he was a baby (I know exactly what you mean by being exhausted afterward!), I will say that some of my faves of Alex are those super serious pictures! I love the one where she's wearing the flower and looking up. You can see her long eyelashes and beautiful eyes! What amazing pictures you got!

The Maples said...

I was going to say the same thing, Lea! That one was my favorite too! So sweet! We've all been there, Jen... When Joshua was 18 months old I attempted portraits and most of them were totally unusable. He had a goldfish cracker sticking out of his mouth in one of them! Ended up with one good shot totally by accident, but man was it a lot of work to get it! Oh, and after we were done he promptly threw my car keys into a public toilet. Fun day! Thanks for sharing her photos. She's a beauty!

Sarah LeSueur said...

So cute! Where did you take her? I have never seen such cute backgrounds/props!!