Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Countdown to Maui

In four wonderful days, we will be arriving on the beautiful island of Maui! We are so excited and ready for this vacation!

It will be our first trip with Alex, and this traveling-with-a-baby thing is all new to us.  We bought her a seat on the plane, so we are hoping that she sleeps and isn't too miserable on the flight.

In the meantime, just because we don't like to let things get too dull around here, we are shopping for a new home, Rich is working 12 hour days in his new work position, and we are generally over-booked and over-promised every day of the week!  Alex had a little infection on her chest that the pediatrician was frightened could be MRSA, but thankfully it has responded to antibiotics very quickly, and she looks to be all healed up and ready for her bikini.

Psssttt........ You haven't seen a cuter beach bum than this baby!

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Happynews said...

For Alex's first Maui Trip:

I hope you find beautiful shells on the beach, listen to the waves, build a big sand castle with Mommy & Daddy and watch it be run over by the ocean; I hope you get to wave to the biggest whale ever (they are soooo cool), have lots of virgin Mai Tai (OK, too soon for this I guess) and, if you get a chance, dance on the beach!

Wishing you the most beautiful and colorful sunrises and sunsets and I hope you make great memories!

Love, Gamma and Gampa XOXOX's