Friday, May 15, 2009

Something funny is going on around here...

It started with the shutters.  We have been wanting to get them since we moved into the house almost 2 years ago, but didn't want to spend the money.  Then tax refunds came this year, and we decided to splurge a little bit.

Innocent enough, right?

Then I finished the baby's room...we hung some curtains (courtesy of my mom's sewing skills, btw), sorted the clothes into different sizes, put up a few decorations, etc...

Then I knew that we were going to need some more space in our bedroom for the baby's bassinett, so I asked Rich to re-arrange. (Have I mentioned how much I love my husband? Just making sure.) But after we re-arranged, I grew frustrated with the bedspread that had endured Sadie's early teething stages and was now tattered with holes. So that needed to be replaced.

And then we had this television that had been sitting on the dresser for the last year, despite the fact that it was originally purchased with the intent of hanging it on the wall. It was important to get that thing on the wall, NOW! (See earlier note about me loving my husband.)

But that still left the garage. What a mess! I tripped over my last piece of junk about a week ago, and decided that was it--we needed to get it organized. NOW! (Nevermind that it had been pretty messy for the last two summers.)

Then I looked out across my backyard and began to get really frustrated that some of my plants had died due to the nonfunctioning sprinkler/drip system. The same drip system that had not worked since October, 2007. Suddenly, it was imperative that we fix it NOW! So we had a sprinkler repairman come out. Here is a dead tree that is now getting water. (New item on the list: replace the tree!)

And after all of this work, it was important to stay nourished, so I baked some cookies. Peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip, toffee cookies to be exact. Disregard the 4 missing cookies. I ate them about 2 minutes after they came out of the oven gave them to the sprinkler repairman.

I'm not going to photograph the medicine cabinet, pantry, or bathroom cabinets that are now perfectly organized. That might make me look a little crazy.


The Maples said...

Is somebody nesting, or what??? How great that you have been able to get that all accomplished. Just wait until you feel the need to scrub the floor on your hands and knees at 9 months pregnant! =)

Just lil ol me! said...

I wish some of your nesting would rub off on me! I have a much longer list but not the ambition or energy to do it! Laying on the couch catching up on my dvr seems much more important! The others things can wait! ;o)