Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 5 things not to say to a pregnant woman...

In my job as a pharmaceutical rep, I interact with physicians throughout my workday.  Being that they are medically trained and deal with a variety of patients, you would think that they are well-versed in what the typical 'faux-pas' pregnant statements are.  Unfortunately, they seem to make the funniest foot-in-mouth comments I hear!

Here is my recent list of laughable comments that my doctors have made:

1.  Wow, are you sure there's only 1 baby in there? (Really?  Yes, I'm large and pregnant.  No need to make me feel larger!)

And along the same lines....
2.  Wow, only 30 weeks pregnant?  You look as big as my daughter did at 40 weeks! (And you felt the need to tell me this, why?)

3.  Don't feel bad...that pregnancy "glow" thing is all a myth anyway. (And no, this wasn't in response to me saying that I didn't have the glow.  It was un-prompted!)

4.  You're looking good for being pregnant!  (for being pregnant?  thanks?)

5.  Oh wow, you look really uncomfortable now.  (well, I wasn't really uncomfortable, but now I am!)

And then there's one of my doctors who I showed this ultrasound photo:

And he said, "It's been a while since I have looked at one of these. Now what exactly are we looking at here?"  It's not like I showed him the 6 week photo where it's just a bean!  I mean, it's a profile for goodness sakes!!!  

Oh well, it's all in good humor and most of them know I can take it.

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Lea said...

Ouch! Some of those comments are just awful. I remember walking in Target around 32 weeks and a worker telling me, "Wow, you are really pregnant! Don't have that baby in the store!" Awesome!