Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things I love about being pregnant

Though I'm getting a tad uncomfortable lately, I love being pregnant.

Here are some of the best parts:
  • Watching my belly grow, of course!
  • Feeling her kicks and rolls....I can be entertained for hours by just watching and feeling her little pushes and nudges.  
  • Baby hiccups.  So cool!
  • Seeing how she responds to noises around us, like when I was in a meeting and the audience started clapping loudly, and she startled from slumber, as if to say "Whoa! Keep it down out there!"
  • Talking and dreaming with Rich about what it will be like to have our own little family unit.
  • Rich kissing my belly goodbye every morning when he leaves for work.
  • Rich reaching out in the middle of the night while he is half-asleep and giving my belly a little touch.  
  • Not dieting! This is probably the longest period of my adult life that I've gone without being paranoid about every calorie I consume! 
  • Cute maternity clothes.
  • Playing the piano for her, and seeing what music makes her dance the most.
  • Shopping for itsy bitsy baby clothes!
  • The excitement in our parents' eyes when we talk about their future granddaughter.

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Lea said...

It really is such an exciting time! Being pregnant with your first is just so amazing. I'm glad you're enjoying it!