Thursday, February 12, 2009

My little Sadie-Angel

This morning I was sitting in the kitchen, eating my breakfast, when it occurred to me that I was so thankful that Sadie had finally outgrown the craziness.  I thought, Wow, she is just the sweetest little dog now.  I can leave my shoes out, let her roam the house at free will and don't have to even worry about her destroying things.  I thought, where is that little munchkin, so I can give her a kiss and a treat?  So I walked down the hallway and there was my little angel, paws crossed and laying peacefully in the bedroom, playing with a toy.  I squinted my eyes to see what toy she had chosen, when I realized she was gnawing on the end of a battery!  Yeah, I'm fooling myself if I think she's done with Puppyhood! 

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