Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Rich and I went to The Melting Pot yesterday for an early Valentine's Day date.  It was awesome!  The restaurant menu is built around a fondue theme, so we started the meal with a cheese fondue and bread & veggie dippers.   

The next course was a lobster, chicken and steak platter that you cook yourself in a wine broth.

But the best part of the meal is the dessert! We had the flaming turtle chocolate fondue, which had chocolate, caramel & pecans, flambeed tableside. They give you fruit, cake, marshmallows, etc... to dip in the chocolate. We were absolute gluttons and couldn't stop giggling at ourselves by the end of the dinner. Rich wanted to pick up the chocolate fondue pot and drink the few drops that we left, but he decided against it.

They gave us a gift bag for Valentine's Day, which contained their signature garlic and wine seasoning along with a hand massager. It was kind of an odd combination we thought, but hey, it's free right?

Yeah, I'll just keep telling myself that, even though the bill was not what I call cheap! But what a great date night! :)

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