Friday, December 5, 2008

The BEST chocolate cake ever....

If you have even the slightest interest in chocolate and/or baking, you MUST make this cake. I have been reading The Pioneer Woman's blog (which is great!) and came across the recipe, and from the photos, it reminded me of a cake that a coworker of mine used to bring into work years ago. So I just made it today and now I have to restrain myself from devouring the whole thing. My friend used to call it Texas Sheet Cake, and it was good at the time, but I just realized today that the key thing missing from it was eating it WARM!!! You need to try it to believe it! Am I just being a pregnant piggie, you may be wondering? Quite possibly, but don't judge until you try.

Gestational Diabetes here I COME! (Eeek, just kidding, I shouldn't joke about these things--how horrible!)

Here is the recipe. YUMMY!

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Just lil ol me! said...

I can second that! I am not a big sweet eater but that cake was pretty damn good! Also I have to say that I love your play list! I think you have at least 3 of my most favorite songs of all time on there! Like you made it just for me! ;o)