Tuesday, December 2, 2008

95% pink?

We had another ultrasound today for some general screening. Everything is looking great! And the ultrasound tech said that she thinks it's a girl.... I'm 12 weeks along, which is still early for gender identification, so I asked her how sure she was. She said, "oh about 95%!" But she said not to go painting any nurseries just yet because she has been wrong before! So we are excited! Either way, it's going to be fun. She (or 5% possibly he?) had her little ankles crossed and she mostly just slept through the whole thing. Then we tried to shake my belly a little to get her to move around and she finally kicked her feet as if to say, "hey, what's the big deal out there?" We got to see the brain and the chambers of the heart. I couldn't believe that it was all there and here I am not even looking pregnant yet (aside from the chest area, I haven't really grown much). It's all so amazing to me.

Here's a profile view of the little munchkin:

And here's a general view of her little body:

And finally, here's a view of the little kidlet's brain. Yes, I am such a dork and I'm interested in the brain. You're looking down at the top of her head:


Lea said...

How exciting!! And hooray for leaving the first trimester! Can't wait to see what the next ultrasound shows!

The Maples said...

Isn't it amazing? She is a little person already. Those are some great pictures! Praise God for healthy growing baby! =)

Just lil ol me! said...

I can't wait! We may not start painting yet but you know I have so many idea for the nursery! Not that boys aren't fun too! But I love little girls! But if that 5% is right I'll still be excited!