Thursday, September 25, 2008

Twenty-eight in Review.

I am turning 29 next week, so in the spirit of reflection, here are 28 things I did when I was 28:

1.  Laughed and celebrated with friends.

2.  Changed my hairstyle.  And ate a lot of sushi.

3.  Spent time with family.

4.  Went to my first hockey game.

5.  Dressed up for Halloween.

6.  Carved our first Halloween pumpkin.

7.  Got engaged!

8.  Went to the zoo.

9.  Held a Sushi-making party.

10.  Listened to some amazing refined music.

11.  Goofed around.

12.  Attended my first black-tie wedding & spent quality time with my new family.

13.  Got "Maui'ed."


14.  Got "mugged" by a humpback whale.  It was heart-stopping & beautiful.

15.  Jumped into a canyon with only a helmet and a cable to support me.

16.  Lost my sanity.  Adopted Sadie that same day.  Coincidence?  

17.  Had a wonderful visit with my Georgia family.

18.  Golfed.

19.  Hiked to a waterfall.

20.  Bought a hammock.


21.  Went on some great dates.


22.  Slept.  A lot. 

23.  Went to a John Mayer concert.

24.  Changed my hairstyle again.

25.  Went to a Dodger's game.

26.  Danced. 

27.  Reflected on the past.

28.  Looked forward to the future.

What a year!


Anonymous said...

Awesome snapshot of the year in review, #10..... bet that must have been the concert of year!

Nici Graybill said...

Love this posting.

Lea said...

What a year! Happy early birthday!

Just lil ol me! said...

I am so happy that I could have been part of so many of those monumental events of 28! Looking forward to all that comes with 29! LOVE YOU!!

Linds said...

What an amazing year!! I can't believe you used that picture at the John Mayer you have any idea how sweaty I was?!