Monday, June 11, 2012

Kathryn's Cake Smash!

Kathryn is 13.5 months old, and we finally got to do her cake smash photo shoot this past weekend.  Every single weekend for the past 6 weeks, one (or more) of us has been sick with something or another.  So even though I intended to do it at 12 months, it just didn't happen!

It was pretty entertaining to let her play with the cake, but she didn't get into it as much as we thought she would.  Lately her appetite has been insatiable, so we thought she might inhale the cake faster than I could take pictures of it.  But she was pretty dainty about it, and even when we helped her along with a few smears and handfuls of cake, she wasn't a huge fan.  Oh well.   

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