Monday, April 30, 2012

Kathryn's 1st BEE Day!

Well, it's official.  I have a one-year old.  We celebrated the busy little bee with a BEE themed birthday party.  I love my party themes, that's for sure!

And it was a fun excuse for a themed photo-shoot too. I dressed Kathryn in a cute little bumble bee tutu that her Aunt Katie found and took some pics to use for her invitations.  Here was the finished product (minus our personal details, because HEY, I'm sure all of you readers--all 3 of you-- are nice, but we don't need to share our home address with the whole world! :)

I had a little onesie personalized with Kathryn's name on it from Christi Creations

I got the party printables (other than the invitation) from Dimple Prints.  

My friend Laura made the beautiful cake.  Thanks Laura!! 

The Menu:  sandwiches ("HIVE yourself a sandwich!"), a vegetable platter ("BEE Healthy!!"),  BEE-BEE-que chips (ha!), Honeycomb pasta salad, yellow & black licorice, honeycomb cereal snacks, Brownie & Pudding Push Pops, and Yellow Creme Oreos.Who knew they even made those things?! I am clearly not up-to-date on my Oreos; they had all kinds of those little cookies!  

Photo credit: Sarah Crank Photography

Happy Birthday Baby KAT! It was a fun party, and I think Kathryn had a blast! She almost fell asleep in her cake, which, if you ask me, is a sure sign of a good party!

Stay tuned for her one-year summary another day! 

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Sarah Crank said...

Loved this party and love the pictures! She is so BEEautiful!!!!