Monday, April 2, 2012

An Easter Tea Party

I did a little Easter photo session for a friend this past weekend, and since I already had all the props set up, I decided to let my girls join in after she was done.  We took photos in my mom's back yard to take advantage of her beautiful wildflowers.  She is such an amazing gardener, and I have always enjoyed spending time in her garden, especially since I have a true BLACK thumb myself.  Bonus: it makes for an awesome photo backdrop!

The theme for the photo shoot was an Easter Bunny Tea Party.  It was an imaginary tea party for my cute little client, (no tea involved) but once she was gone, my mom said that just wasn't any fun at all.  So she made some mint tea (caffeine-free) and sweetened it with agave nectar.  She poured it into the tea pot and let the girls have at it.  It was the funniest thing ever.  Alex was very serious at first.  She carefully poured the tea into the dainty cups, trying not to spill.  And she shared with her sister too.  Kathryn isn't exactly a pro at drinking out of cups without a sippy lid, so I was curious to see what she would do.  Well, she tipped the cup to her lips and guzzled away!!! Of course, half of it ran down her neck, but she had no complaints.  They had so much fun, they were completely oblivious to me taking photos or to my mom and I hysterically laughing in the background.

When Alex finished the last of several cups, she peered deep into the tea pot to see what was left.  Then, with no hesitation, she lifted the pot to her lips and drained it! We couldn't stop laughing because it was such a dainty little set up and she was absolutely not dainty at all!!!! When she finished the pot, she reached for the saucer where she had spilled a bit earlier and licked that clean too.  Let's just say that we need to work on our tea etiquette before we visit the Queen. ;-)  And that must have been some TASTY tea! I didn't get a sip, but I'm fairly suspicious that it was light on tea and heavy on the agave nectar! ha!

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Happynews said...

The most FANTABULOUS Tea Party ever.... better than any I've been at the Ritz Carlton!! There's plenty of tea and Agave Nectar left for many more Tea Parties!!! hahahaha