Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kathryn on the Move!

Kathryn started crawling a couple weeks ago, just days before she turned 10 months old.  And wouldn't you know what made her crawl? Her loving dad? Nope. Mom? Not a chance.  OH yes, it was the remote control.  Because that (and the cell phone) are pretty much the coolest things in the house, worth struggling over, worth learning how to coordinate the chubby knees and hands into a not-so-graceful shuffle.  One day she couldn't crawl, stuck in one spot in the middle of the living room, surrounded by toys, and the next day, she was ALL. OVER. the place! And yes, even though our life has suddenly entered a whole new level of complication, (baby proofing all over again) I'm so excited for her newfound freedom and sense of exploration.  So is Alex.  She keeps following her around, and sometimes she points and says "Look Mommy! Kathryn is under the table!!!"

She is more than a little proud of herself.

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