Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kathryn at 3 months

I'm not sure why I'm surprised, but time seems to be flying by even more quickly with our second baby than with our first.  I guess it is the craziness of taking care of two children that keeps us even more distracted from the clock.  Kathryn's personality is really starting to come out now.  She is so much more interactive with smiles and coos.  She reaches for toys and pulls them to her mouth.  She takes her binky out of her mouth and puts it back, and then she looks at us with this proud expression, as if to say "Did you see what I just did?!"  She giggles, especially when you rub noses with her.  Rich's nickname for her is Muncher or Munch (due to her healthy appetite!) and Baby Kat.  I tend to like her full name, but sometimes call her Kit Kat to go with my nick name for Alex, Ali-Kat!

She has been doing great in daycare since I have returned to work.  The two ladies that take care of her are really sweet, and they can't stop saying what an amazing baby she is.  They said that they could only wish that all their babies were as good as Kathryn.  I have been having a much harder time returning to work though.  I just have such an awareness of how fast this time goes and how much I am missing by being away from her and Alex.

I'm still part-time at work, so I took some time last week to do a fun photo-session with her.  In order to get decent lighting in my house at certain times, I have to open up the front door and set up my "studio" right in the entryway.  It must be funny if any of the neighbors are looking in at me laying on the floor, standing on chairs and generally making a fool of myself while trying to get the perfect shot!

I love this expression full of attitude while she is in the bucket!


Lea said...

Jen, your pictures are so beautiful! As is your daughter, of course! I am so impressed by your photography!

mycouponbasket said...

I have not seen anything of this pristine manner. Really amazing pics. Keep it up.

chee said...

most cute baby

Jocelyn B said...

really beautiful shots! cute kids!