Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1 month

Kathryn is 1 month old, and I sound like every other mom, but seriously, time is flying by!

We are adjusting to life as a family of four.  I wouldn't say that it is easy yet (will it ever be?) but I'm managing the chaos with a bit more confidence every day.  I even had my first evening parenting solo when Rich worked late one night---I made dinner, baths, books and bedtime for both girls--and I'm here to tell the story, so I guess that means we all survived!

Kathryn is an easy baby.  I have been hesitant to really accept it, because I keep thinking that I will jinx it by saying it, but it's true.  With all the days of endless crying, reflux and dairy allergies that Alex had, we were prepared for this crazy colicky newborn stage.  We weren't looking forward to it, but we knew we survived before, and we could do it again.  But Kathryn is just happy to nurse, sleep and be held.  She doesn't cry much, and it's always for a "reason" (food, diaper, sleep, etc....).  What a treat for us!  I don't like the expression, "she's a good baby," because it implies that their temperament is their fault, and even with all of the screaming with Alex, we would never say she was a bad baby.  Both of them are my good babies! But WOW, I will at least admit that Kathryn is easier.  (Of course, who knows what is around the corner, I'm preaching from 1 month here!)

We are getting the sleep thing figured out, and I am hoping she will be a champion sleeper like her sister.  She is doing great so far.  She wakes up once or twice a night to feed, and goes back down once her belly is full.  I'm having a harder time going back to sleep than she is! We moved her to her crib last week (from our room) and she adjusted right away!

Some pics at 1 month old:


Lea said...

Isn't it a nice change to have an easier time with a newborn? Asher and Ava were like night and day also, and it made the transition so much smoother! Love the pics of beautiful Kathryn!

Happynews said...

She is a precious baby... no fuss, no mess, just as precious as can be.