Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Over halfway there now!

This pregnancy is flying by so quickly! It helps that I have a busy toddler to chase after (which distracts me from the months of waiting for the new baby).  I'm much bigger than I was at the same point in my pregnancy last time despite having gained less weight.  I guess it's true what they say, that your body knows what to do and jumps into gear a lot faster the second time around! I haven't been as excited about taking photos this time, not because I'm not excited about the pregnancy, but because I'm just not that into my pregnant self.    But here are my 2 photos, at 3 months and 5 months (oops, forgot to take one at 4 months!)


Lea said...

Looking great! It seems like time is really flying, no? And great timing on being pregnant during the holidays. I really loved that last year! :)

Kim and Gary said...

Look how itty bitty you are! Super cute:) Congrats again!!