Sunday, December 26, 2010

1 and a half!

Alexandra turned 18 months, which means she is officially a year and a half old!

Her vocabulary is developing a lot even though she doesn't pronounce all of her words very clearly, and she is improving every day.

Some of her most-used words are:
UP please!
Thank you!
Hi Sadie!
Fish  (pronounced Pisshhh, which is really funny sounding!)
Uh Oh!
Good Girl (pronounced go-go)

She is 25 pounds (70th percentile for weight) and 33 inches tall (90th percentile for height).  She has been fairly healthy lately (although she has had a few colds, it's nothing like the ear infections we battled last year!)  She has 8 front teeth (4 on top, 4 on the bottom) and 4 molars.

Her favorite foods are waffles, milk, bananas, bean burritos, mandarin oranges, hot dogs, and turkey.  She is not a great eater, and any of her favorite foods listed above can suddenly become the most vile things she has ever seen depending on her daily mood.

Alex is extremely temperamental and is already throwing temper tantrums pretty badly when she doesn't get her way.  She throws herself on the ground, rolling around kicking and screaming, and will even bite herself if she gets really angry!!! But she can turn from angry to calm in a matter of minutes, and will make us laugh at her expressions or body language.

She loves her daycare/school, and runs to see her teachers and give them hugs every morning.  Sometimes when I pick her up she even cries because she is having too much fun and doesn't want to leave! It sometimes makes me sad when she pitches a fit about going home, but I'm ultimately glad that she is being taken care of by wonderful people who love her.  I drive 45 minutes to drop her off at this particular daycare, and it is extremely inconvenient for us, but I can't bear to transfer her elsewhere because I haven't found anything comparable.

At home, Alex's favorite activities are playing with her kitchen, her toys (like her dog Patch), and BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! She cannot get enough of the books.  I think she would be fine if we read to her for hours every night.  Not to say that she has a wonderful attention span, because she likes to change out the book sometimes before you have even finished reading it.  She loves the playground and the slide is her obsession.  If I let her walk down the driveway and take my eye off of her for a second, she takes off running at full speed to the playground (which is about 30 yards away) and I have to chase her.

We are both so proud to be the parents of this little joy.  She is brilliant and funny and thoughtful.  She is also stubborn and willful and determined.  We have our hands full every single day with her, and we are continuously amazed at how difficult yet awesome she is!  We can't imagine what life was like before her, nor do we want to! 


Lea said...

This is a great update! Alex sounds a lot like Asher in the "willful" department. All I can say is that I think stubborn children grow up to be the most brilliant people (I say this since I was the most stubborn child ever. Ha!). Also, Ava is a very easygoing baby, so I hope that Kathryn is mellow for you as well.

Светка said...

Veru funny baby;)