Friday, November 26, 2010

Thank you!

Just a very very small part of the things that I am thankful for on this day after Thanksgiving:

-Living close to most of our family members and being able to see them on Thanksgiving without having to brave the airports.
-Amazing food, along with the talented cooks who prepared it for us! :) 
-A beautiful home over our heads, and our wonderful new neighborhood that we love.
-Employment for both of us, during this time when so many can't find work.
-A healthy daughter who is full of spit and vinegar, and a little sweetness thrown in for good measure.
-A loving husband who works so hard and doesn't get much time to take a break, but never complains about it.
-A healthy pregnancy and daughter along the way.
-Wonderful friends who listen, laugh and help me enjoy this crazy ride of a life.

I know that my blessings are numerous, some I have earned, some I haven't....and I can honestly say that I feel thankful for them on many days other than Thanksgiving too. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happynews said...

OMG!!! That last picture tells a story!!!

Sarah Crank said...

Love the new blog look! Great family shot, I love the red. The turkeys are so so cute too!