Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Our little Alexandra turns ONE today!  We had her birthday party last weekend, and what a great celebration it was!

The invitation read: 

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Alex is ONE, 
and wants to party with YOU!

Come join us for a "flower" party 
to celebrate how our Sweet Pea has grown!

So once I had my little flower theme, I went to town.  I think I was an event planner in another life or something (okay, no I don't really believe in 'other' lives, but you get my drift) because I just LOVE doing these kind of things.

I decorated everything in pink and green, with flowers and gardening tools too.  We put some of the food in flower pots, with little gardening stakes.  I made all of the cupcakes and decorated the sugar cookies for the kids.  I wrote each kid's name on a flower-shaped sugar cookie (using edible markers) and put them in a big pink tin, (like a flower pot). We cut up slices of watermelon into flowers using cookie cutters.  We used a gardening shovel to scoop ice for beverages out of a big tin garden bucket.  It was so much fun for me to do this, and I think Alex really enjoyed her day too. 

I requested people not to bring gifts to the party and instead bring something to contribute to a Time Capsule for Alex that we will let her open on her 18th Birthday.  We asked them to bring something related to the year 2009 or a personal item for Alex (like a letter) for her to read on her 18th birthday.  We got some really creative things for it and I'm very pleased with how it is turning out! 

Tonight, for her actual birthday, Rich and I took Alex to Peter Piper Pizza for the first time.  She had a blast, and really liked checking out the other kids and all of the colorful games.  She chowed down on some pizza and we topped off the night with a visit to Cold Stone!  What a great year it has been!  


Happynews said...

Happy B'day to our little Princess! Gampa & Gamma

Lea said...

You certainly are quite the event planner indeed! Happy Birthday, Miss Alex!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful party, you must have stayed up day and night working on this! Happy Birthday to our little Alex on her 1st birthday!

Can't wait to see you! Love you!

Leon, Sarah Lou, Mamaw, and of course Keeley! (Keeley wrote this :]) Your family from Georgia.