Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alex is 10 months old!

A few things about Alexandra, as of late:

Ever since she started crawling, she is constantly on the move and into EVERYTHING! As I've been trying to pack up our house in preparation for the big move, Alex has been 'helping' me unpack the boxes before I can even seal them up! Her favorite thing is the How-fast-can-I-grab-something-and-crawl-away game?

She pulls herself up to stand all the time and generally prefers standing to anything else.  She loves to stand at the coffee table and get the remote control (although I think she believes it is a hammer or a drum stick.)

When we play music, she dances.  No, I promise I'm not making it up.  If she is standing, she fully sways her entire body back and forth with the music.  

She still loves bath time.  We have to use rubber ear plugs now (after her ear tube surgery) and they are such a pain, but she tolerates us putting those huge things in her ears just so she can have a nightly reunion with Mr. Ducky.

She has started to get a small case of separation anxiety lately.  In the past week, she has been a little teary and clingy when I drop her off at daycare.  It is definitely my least favorite part of the day, but she is fine within a minute or two, and the daycare ladies say that she generally has a great disposition throughout the day.   

Alex has been eating a few more solid foods, but she has quite a sensitive gag reflex and doesn't take well to certain things depending on their texture and size.  She is a HUGE fan of shredded cheese, stuffing it into her mouth by the fistful.  We are slowly re-introducing some dairy products into her diet, (such as cheese and yogurt) and she has been faring okay with them so far.  She still eats a lot of pureed baby foods, but we are working on expanding her repertoire!

"Do I have something on my face?"

Alex is still a happy, joyous sweet baby.  She definitely is a sharp little thing, and we already know that we will have our work cut out for us as she gets older.  She has a stubborn, somewhat feisty personality.  She doesn't hesitate to let us know when something isn't pleasing her, and she can make a whole range of comical, almost adult expressions.  When I tell her no as she reaches for something she shouldn't (Oh, like into the toilet?) she looks me straight in the eyes and bobbles her head from side to side as if she is mocking me.  

And I try so hard not to laugh, but sometimes it is just impossible.

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The Maples said...

I had to laugh out loud when you said it looks like she's mocking you! That's so funny! Isn't it amazing how much personality is packed into someone so small?!? :) Pretty soon you'll be celebrating that big first birthday! She's such a little doll! And yep! She's sure to keep you on your toes!