Friday, January 29, 2010

Maui Day 6

We bought our vacation package through Costco travel and it was an amazing deal! It included our airfare, car rental, hotel AND breakfast every day.  Breakfast is a really nice buffet with yummy things like Hawaiian french toast, eggs benedict, grilled fish, beautiful fresh fruit, an omelette bar and a lot more to choose from! If we were paying for it, it costs $35 per person!  We've enjoyed eating there every morning, but yesterday Rich said he couldn't bear to eat the same buffet food 6 days in a row.  (What a snob! haha!) I, being the frugal (cheap) person in the relationship, was a little miffed at the idea of skipping our free meal and going somewhere else where we would have to pay for one!  But we packed up the car and headed out to get something different....and we landed at Longhi's, our favorite breakfast spot from the last time we were here.  It was well worth paying for, I have to admit.

Rich ordered crab-cake-eggs-benedict.

I got the macadamia nut banana pancakes, served with coconut syrup!

Yummy!!! I am going to have some major exercising to do when we get back from this trip!

Even Alex enjoyed her breakfast here!

After breakfast, we headed over to Baby Beach, which one of my friends recommended to us.  It isn't on any of the maps, and hardly anyone was there.  It is nice for kids because it seems to be protected from the waves, and the water is about 3-4 feet deep for at least 100 yards.  We waded out with Alex on her baby float and enjoyed the water with her.  It was so nice to be able to relax in the ocean without being beat up by the waves! 

She enjoyed sitting on the shoreline and feeling the water come up over her legs.

We would have been happy to stay on Baby Beach all day long, except we didn't bring an umbrella with us, and there weren't any shady spots. Even though we have Alex slathered in sunblock, I'm still nervous to have her in the sun for too long.  So we went back to our hotel beach where we rented an umbrella and pretty much parked under it for the rest of the afternoon.  What a relaxing day!

After we got cleaned up from the beach, we headed over to our very favorite restaurant in Maui, "Sansei!" It has the BEST sushi that we have ever had, anywhere, bar none.  And we are quite the sushi consumers! It was just as good as we remembered. (Last time we were here on our honeymoon, we went there 3 times in a week! haha! We do like our sushi!)

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Lea said...

Thanks for the tip about Costco travel - I didn't even know they did travel! We have talked about going back to Hawaii in the next year or so, and seeing your pictures makes me want to go even more! Especially the one of your pancakes - those look divine! Haha - can you tell I"m pregnant?