Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maui Day 4

This vacation is unique for us because I had absolutely nothing planned ahead of time.  When we came here for our honeymoon, I was teased because I had an activity booked, planned, reserved and scheduled for every single day of the trip!  I tend to be the planner in our family.... anyone who knows me is probably laughing at this because it is stating the obvious.  But for this trip, my better judgement told me that we would need to be ultra-flexible since we have a 7-month old with us.  And it's been great! But it also gets me into trouble since nothing is actually "booked," and then I have a hard time deciding what to do.

This morning, we decided to go down to Lahaina and do some window-shopping.  But then it started raining. So we decided to turn around.  But then I saw the Pacific Whale Foundation shop (where you book whale-watching tours) so I had Rich stop the car so I could run in and grab their brochure for tour times.  Once I had the brochure, it stopped raining.  So I thought we should take the whale-watching tour that starts in an hour!  But we needed sunscreen and I had forgotten my sunglasses in the hotel, so we needed to turn around and go back to the hotel.  Once we got close to the hotel, Alex had fallen asleep in her car seat, and she really needed a good nap, so I thought maybe we should wait till tomorrow to do the tour! And I remembered this place that one of my friends recommended we see, so I suggested we do that instead so that Alex could stay asleep while we drove to it.  But then that tour might be really fun, and it did start in an hour???...... Finally Rich had to reign me in (thankfully) and take charge with the decision making!  Whew!

So we drove up to Kapalua Bay and found the most beautiful beach cove.  We spotted a nice patch of sand under a huge shade tree, spread our blanket under it, and took in the view, the breeze, the warmth.  Joy. Pure joy is all I can use to describe it.  I rented some snorkel gear and Rich stayed with Alex while I snorkeled over the coral reefs.  They were gorgeous, with beautiful colored fish, coral and even an eel!

What an incredible day!

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