Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Predictable Chaos

I just went to New York for work training.  I was gone for 4 days, the longest I had ever been away from Alex.  It was hard! I was kept really busy during the day and we even had activities planned during the evening.  So I was distracted from being homesick most of the time.  But at the end of the long day, when I got into my hotel bed, I would look to my nightstand on my right, hoping to see the dim light of the video monitor, hoping to hear the soft sounds of Alex breathing in and out--and I really missed her.  Rich took a couple days of vacation to stay home with her, and they had some wonderful time together.  He sent me photo-texts of her throughout the day and it helped me to see that they were both doing great without me.  I found it funny when I came back, he would say things like, "Alex likes it when you do this now...." Like she was a different baby in the 4 days since I left! :)

We have been busy on all kinds of levels lately.  It seems like our life is in a constant state of predictable chaos.  Our heater died, we had a problem with our shower, and both of our jobs are putting more stress and pressure on us than ever before.  But we're dealing with it.  We are trying to balance parenthood, marriage, careers, family, friends, house repairs, holiday shopping.....The list never ends.  And I guess it's okay.

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Lea said...

You are one busy lady. I'm sure that is so hard when you have to leave Alex. But that is so great that Rich is such a great dad, and you feel comfortable leaving her for 4 days. Hopefully you won't have any other business trips for a while! :)