Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saturday Guest-Blogger

Mommy said that I can do a little guest-blogging when she gets busy, just to keep the family up to date on my progress and such.  So I thought I'd share a few photos that she tortured me with  took this morning while Daddy couldn't save me went to work.

I got a really cool chair for Christmas from my Grandma and Grandpa.  It's just like the chairs that my Mommy and Daddy have.

I feel like such a big girl now that I'm 6 months old, so it's really the perfect new addition to our living room.  I can pretty much do everything that Mommy and Daddy do.

Daddy likes to watch TV.  Me too.

Mommy likes to hang out with her friends, like my Aunty Katie.  I like to hang out with my friends too, especially my new Monkey Man.

Mommy likes to talk on the phone.  So do I!

Daddy likes to have a drink when he hangs out in his chair, and so do I!

Mommy likes to kick back with a good book, and I think Dr. Seuss is her favorite author, just like me.

So I guess my next step is driving, right?

Peace out!


Happynews said...

Just awesome!!! Life couldn't get better for Alex (and Mommy and Daddy too)

Lea said...

Oh my gosh these pictures are hilarious!! I love them! And what awesome smiles too!

Just lil ol me! said...

Omg! That is hysterical!! So cute! I love it! ;)

Anonymous said...

This girl is destined to get her own tv show/book deal/career as a model - what a charismatic personality! She's one in a bazillion! XOXOXOX :-) Jen, thanks so much for taking the time to update your blog! You are THE BEST daughter-in-law!!

Grandma Cindy