Friday, November 20, 2009

Overdue Updates

Well, let's see...I haven't had time to blog lately because I haven't even had time to do the things that are higher on the priority list.

Like laundry.  I have 4 loads of laundry that need folding tonight.  I dumped the clean clothes onto my bed so that I have no way of putting it off till tomorrow, because otherwise I won't have anywhere to sleep!  Does anyone else do this little trick?

And some of my administrative duties for work are piling up, giving me a bit of anxiety as I try to think of when I will have time to do them.  And my refrigerator is in dire need of a visit from the Organization Fairy.  And the Grocery Fairy.

I wish, I wish, I wish......there were 48 hours in a day.  Or that I only needed 2 hours of sleep.  Where is the Wish Fairy when I need her?

Onto other topics....our baby girl turned 5 months this past week!  She is growing up so fast before our eyes, coming into her own personality and interacting with us more than ever before.

Some recent Alex highlights:
-She is all healed up from her 2nd ear infection and 1st cold.  I am still trying to recite the mantra given to me by our pediatrician--"You want her to get sick now, it's GOOD for her. Daycare is GOOD for her."  Maybe I will believe it if I keep saying it?
-She is still doing wonderful on her Alimentum formula.  Aside from the astronomical cost of this stuff, it has been the best thing ever!
-We aren't anywhere near starting solids yet. I'm in no hurry to open this chapter because of her tummy and allergy ailments. We will get there when we need to, but for now, she's doing just fine with her bottles.
-Alex weighs almost 16 pounds and is almost 26 inches long! She is in the 90th percentile for both height and weight!  (See my previous point--we have no worries about her getting adequate nutrition!)

Here is a recent photo with her Nubby bear.

Remember the same photo taken when she was 7 days old?

-She is really learning how to make different facial expressions.  She smiles and laughs and scowls and pretends to cry, only to burst into a smile the minute I reach for her.  She is learning things so quickly that I can't believe it.
-Aside from rolling, she is trying to stand a lot too.  She holds on with her fingers and will stand for a few minutes at a time, usually very proud of herself too!

-She plays a lot now. She loves her exersaucer, and her rattles, stuffed animals, and teethers.  I love seeing the wonder in her face as she reaches for a toy and shakes it.

-She loves sucking her thumb, and her new habit is stroking the back of her head with one hand while she sucks her thumb on the other hand.

That's a pretty good summary.  She's awesome! (Have I mentioned that before?)

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Lea said...

I can't believe she is 5 months old! And standing so well too? Wow that is awesome!

I totally agree with your approach to solids. We were advised to wait with Asher because he had troubles of his own, and he didn't really get into them until close to 10 months (he wasn't really interested before then anyway - I think it was his body's way of protecting him actually). And now the boy eats like a horse!

What a big girl Alex is! And such a cutie pie. Great job, Mommy! :)