Friday, September 4, 2009

You cannot contain me!

This is what Alex looks like when we put her to bed.
Besides having the prettiest baby smile you've ever seen, notice how she is swaddled. We have used this swaddle since we came home from the hospital, and it is awesome because it has velcro tabs to keep her snugly wrapped. It helped her sleep really well, especially in the beginning, when her arms would flail in her sleep and she would wake up by hitting herself in the head.

Now when we go get her in the morning, this is how she looks.
(Disregard the change in sheets. No, she hasn't learned how to change her sheets yet. These were taken on separate days.) Our super baby manages to bust out of her swaddle now. This is no small feat, because the velcro is very strong!

It is quite comical to watch her do it in the video monitor. She starts moving her shoulders up and down, grunting as she works on pulling her hands out. It takes at least 15 minutes, and she never cries during the process. Then when her arms are free, she lets out a little yell to us, saying "Hey, I'm awake. Come get me!"


Anonymous said...

I love the last photo, complete SATISFACTION!

Lea said...

Those pajamas are so cute! That girl knows what she wants!