Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daughter of mine...

We have been reading to Alex since the beginning, but she usually starts to get cranky as soon as I put her on my lap and open a book. I think it has to do with nursing because we always sit in the rocking chair to nurse. So when I just want to hold her and read to her in the rocking chair, she starts to look for food, if you know what I mean.
So I tried a little combo tummy-time with reading time, and she loved it!

I hope she grows to have a love of reading like I do. Extra points to whomever can name the book that she is reading! :)


Lea said...

I love Where the Wild Things Are! One of my favorites. Even though I have read to Asher since he was tiny, he still is not a fan of it. :( Someday I hope!

Just lil ol me! said...

Awe so when we keep telling her how smart she is not just how pretty she is we can really mean it!! Haha! I totally recognized "Where the Wild Things Are" right away but Lea beat me to it!