Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Identity

It has only been 9 weeks since our little girl came into the world, but it struck me recently how much I've learned and changed in these two months. A couple of weeks ago, one of my girlfriends asked me how I was doing, and I responded with, "Great! Alex has been doing so much better now that we've figured out her dairy allergies!" She corrected me, and said, "No, how are YOU doing?" And it's true that I hadn't really answered her question. But in some ways, I had. Because now that I am a mother, my well-being depends on my daughter's well-being. When Alex has had a happy day, so have I. And when she's been miserable, SO AM I!
And it's funny to think that my identity now is so tied up with this beautiful, tiny being that has only been here for a short time. I'll never be the same person that I was 9 weeks ago. I am trying to keep most of myself here--to be a good friend, wife, daughter, etc...--but it's definitely a new me. And I like it!


Anonymous said...

This is what being a parent is all about and it never goes away!

Love ya this much! XOXs

Anonymous said...

You have captured the essence of being a parent! And a great daughter-in-law! XO

:-) Cindy

Lea said...

It's so true - once you're a mom, it's hard to be anything but! :) Enjoy!