Thursday, December 18, 2008

Belly Shots

This week I have just started noticing my belly really beginning to POP! It seemed like nothing was happening forever, (except in the upper chest region!) and then all of a sudden my pants are snug and I have a little bump! It's the first time in my life where I'm excited for a little bit of belly growth. Never thought that would happen.

Here are some belly shots for comparison:

              3 weeks                                    

And here is a picture from
tonight, at 14 weeks pregnant:

I can't help but giggle when I compare these pictures, because it looks like I'm puffing out my stomach after a big dinner in the second photo. I'm not, believe me.

I'm going Maternity Clothes shopping this weekend-- oh boy!


Just lil ol me! said...

When I first saw this I thought the first photo was your belly shot photo, and about died! Holy crap if that was you showing I felt like a whale! LOL! Then I keeped reading and saw the second. I would still trade you in a heartbeat! But she's making some progress!! How exciting!!

Lea said...

How exciting! People kept telling me that I just looked full, like I had just eaten a big lunch for the looongest time. It drove me crazy because I was so proud of my little belly! Isn't it so fun to watch it grow?

Rich said...

I love that little belly!